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Example: use an average Canadian mortgage of $300,000, with an interest rate of 3.69% amortized over 25 years. The data above represents a typical comparison between the use of InterestBLOCKER versus making basic mortgage payments over a five-year period. Although actual results may vary, this table serves to represent the type of savings and benefits that can be attained through the regular use of InterestBLOCKER.

  • Mortgage amount
  • Interest
  • Total Payments
  • Total interest paid
  • Total interest paid (%)
  • Mortgage term


  • $300,000
  • 3.69%
  • $370,263
  • $70,263
  • 23%
  • 5 years


  • $300,000
  • 3.69%
  • $458,416
  • $158,416
  • 53%
  • 5 years

Longer amortization periods lead to more interest paid. It's as simple as that. Traditional banks seldom provide the tools or opportunity to decrease the amortization period or to help their customers free themselves of debt by adjusting the balance between interest and principle. Therefore your clients are paying more interest than they need to.

Unlike traditional banking, InterestBLOCKER gives your clients the tools and ability to optimize their prepayment privileges while improving their budgeting, cash flow and personal money management habits - all of which leads to your clients seeing more of their own money back in their own hands, and free to do more business with you.