Please note that InterestBLOCKER users can cancel at any time, however, the start-up fee is not refundable.

InterestBLOCKER Start-up Fee is priced at $299 + Tax

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InterestBLOCKER Packages

These packages represent individual licences that you provide to your clients and prospects.

  • Each licence provides a client access to his/her confidential financial roadmap.
  • The client maintains the roadmap, you just provide access to it.
  • A $299 start-up fee helps us get your system up and running for you.
  • Your annual investment, including start-up fee, amounts to between $4 and $9 per year per client.
  • You do not need to be involved in client’s data or use of the software – it’s hands-free marketing.
  • InterestBLOCKER provides dynamic support and a community experience for the client.
  • Compare the per month-per client investment to other marketing efforts, including calendars and even gas.